My Flight of Freedom

I started my first day of freedom with mimosas and a Donna Summer dance party.  It was amazing.  As much as I love a champagne breakfast, the best part of my day so far is not having to put on work appropriate clothes and then fasten a name badge to my belt loop.  I’ve been walking around in my underwear for the greater part of the morning and it’s been fabulous.  I’ve managed to finally finish cleaning my house and from my bible to my jump rope, I am packed and ready to go.

Grandma, aka GBetty, is scheduled to arrive in an hour and I’ll be on my way to Hartsfield-Jackson airport.  For now, I’ve got time to relax and rest before the long journey.  Lena Horne is singing her heart out in the background and I’m finishing those last drops of champagne.  What will next Wednesday be like?  Will I be drinking a cappuccino at a café as I people watch? Or perhaps I’ll be running my new favorite route around Varazdin?

Reality still hasn’t hit me yet; maybe I’ll have a moment tomorrow when I realize that this is happening to me.  I think my mind is still going through my mental checklist of things that need to be taken care of or maybe I’m just sleepy.  Fortunately, my reservations about this trip are few.  My biggest concerns right now are:

  1. Living in a small studio apartment with my husband for a month
  2. If I brought enough shoes
  3. How much weight I’ll gain from stuffing my face with all of the yummy goodness
  4. Making sure my plane outfit will keep me both warm and cool

Honestly, I’m in such a good mood right now, nothing can bring me down.  Not even Lufthansa, who has for the third time today changed my departure time.  My mind is firmly set on seeing my babe and persuading him to take me to Sofra for ćevapi.  Oh the ćevapi from Sofra, it’s like heaven in your mouth.  But there’s no need to get myself worked up, I have nearly 15 hours to dream about it.  So for right now, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy Lena.


One thought on “My Flight of Freedom

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