The Sweet Coastal Town of Pula

For Andrea’s last full day, I really wanted her to see the Croatian coast. She has seen pictures of the crazy blue water from my earlier trips but I really wanted her to experience it first hand. For some, this day trip was a bit too aggressive but we were two determined women, running on adrenaline and pure excitement. So, we packed up our bags and started our drive to the city of Pula.

We were almost out of Varaždin when I made a wrong turn in the roundabout. I slowed to make a left turn to turn around and then heard a loud thud. I immediately stopped the car and we both wondered out loud what that noise was. I looked in the rearview mirror and couldn’t see anything. I then opened my door and saw a man picking up his motorcycle of the road. My first thought was, “Oh dear God, did I injure this man?” Fortunately, he started telling me he was fine before I could even ask him and then he was up and gone. The two of us sat in the car for a good minute without moving, still in shock of what had happened. I would like to stress that we were hit by a motorcycle, we are the true victims and that the remainder of our journey was accident free.

Our drive to the coast was itself an experience, filled with plenty of oohhs and aahhs. We were climbing, descending and going through mountains. Twisting and curving around bends and valleys and then we finally saw the coast for the first time. Though it was a little cloudy, you could still see the small rays of sun reflecting off of the water; so gorgeous! Within an hour of our first sea spotting, we made it to the town of Pula and we pulled up to the Amphitheatre.

View of the Pula Amphitheatre

View of the Pula Amphitheatre

Honestly, this was our highlight of Pula. We were absolutely blown away at how well preserved it was and that we basically had the place to ourselves.


An almost empty amphitheater for us to enjoy.

An almost empty amphitheater for us to enjoy.

Throughout the rest of the city, you could see the Roman influences from the Roman Theatre to the Temple of Augustus.

This charming coastal town was the perfect place to go for a day trip while in Croatia. With the beautiful sea views, rich culture, fresh seafood and of course, gelato, the two of us were in heaven. And they said it couldn’t be done in a day!

Me enjoying the almost sunset in Pula.

Me enjoying the almost sunset in Pula.


8 thoughts on “The Sweet Coastal Town of Pula

  1. Great pictures!! Can’t believe that was only a couple days ago. So memorable and amazing-thanks again for taking me to this beautiful city!


  2. I too was once driving in a round-about in Geneva Switzerland when I heard a thud. Got out of the car to also find a man on a scooter on the ground. I helped him up, he said he was ok… and drove off. The tradition is passed on!


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