Vino Fun

I love fall.  It’s one of my favorite times of the year; all of the delicious seasonal foods, the cooler weather and the other half of my wardrobe.  Me, cozied up in an oversized sweater by a warm fire and a slice of sweet potato pie is my idea of a wonderful fall afternoon. Now that I’m home, I plan on taking full advantage of the season.  Fortunately for me, I haven’t missed the changing colors of the foliage.  Yes, I still have the opportunity to witness the leaves turn those beautiful shades of amber and crimson.

This past weekend, David and I met up with one my dear friends, Allison, to enjoy a particularly beautiful Georgia day.  We had plans to drive up from Atlanta to the North Georgia mountains to enjoy the weather and do a little wine tasting. I’m not talking overly sweet muscadine wine that most people associate with the state.  We do in fact have some quality wine makers; a secret that I’m sharing with you.

Our first stop was at Yonah Mountain Vineyard, a bourgie boutique winery at the base of Yonah Mountain that I absolutely adore.  I discovered this place several years ago when I was planning a camping trip.  Let’s just say that as a group,we were better at drinking wine than spending the night outside. This winery has become one of our favorites, a definite stop when we head up to North Georgia .  Instead of doing the full tour, we opted to save a little time and went straight to the tasting room to enjoy the live music and take in the mountain view.

Allison and I outside of Yonah Mountain Winery.

Allison and me outside of Yonah Mountain Winery.

Allison and I normally cover a wide range of topics when we get together but this afternoon, there was lots of girl talk.  So much so, that poor David had to busy himself with our camera. Lucky for him, he found another camera obsessed husband to pass the time with. We all eventually finished the tasting and made our purchases and headed out to walk the property and take more photos.   It was such a lovely start to our afternoon and we had one more stop.

We carefully drove around the winding bends to The Cottage tasting room.  Upon arriving, we gasped in shock of the incredible view.  The sun had just begun to go down and was setting the mountainside ablaze with crazy warm colors.  We couldn’t help but take as many photos as possible.

Getting cozy with Allison at The Cottage Tasting Room

Getting cozy with Allison at The Cottage Tasting Room

The Cottage lived up to it’s name, it was a snug space with a laid back atmosphere.  This place was just fun; the staff was more than welcoming and the Viognier was delicious.  We watched the afternoon fade into night as we lounged on the couches, sipping wine and enjoying the company. The perfect ending to a great afternoon.

North Georgia sunset at The Cottage Tasting Room.

North Georgia sunset at The Cottage Tasting Room.


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