Secret Places

I’ve lived in Atlanta for nearly 10 years and I still find myself discovering different nooks and crannies of the city; secret places that I wonder if others know exist.  Recently, I stumbled across an outdoor haven, just a stone’s throw from my home, that is virtually untapped.  A little piece of woodland, where the hum of the city magically disappears and it’s just you, a cool breeze, the cracking of tree limbs as they fall towards the earth and the rustling sounds of small critters prancing from one tree to the next.

Atlanta Hiking Trail

When I was in college, I had a place similar to this where I would like to go to feel small; it’s a strange concept but it always helped me put my problems into perspective.  I would sneak into Bobby Dodd Stadium at night and lie there at the 50 yard line and stare up at the stars. Somehow, all my worries drifted up to the sky to finally rest. This new place, which doesn’t require me to break laws or codes of conduct, has been that refuge for me; a place where I can ease my mind, take in all that’s around me and just breathe.

Atlanta Hiking Trail

This past weekend, as I prepared to go for a visit, I thought it was about time to reveal to my husband where I had been disappearing to.  So, I shared my secret place and his reaction didn’t let me down.  He was amazed that all of this was tucked away so close to the house, within the city.

Atlanta Hiking Trail

Maybe by now, you have figured out the location of my spot. But I ask you not to share because that’s the only way it will remain a secret.  If you do decide to see what this place is about and you happen to see someone there lying on the ground who looks half asleep; that’s just me, letting my cares drift away.

Atlanta Hiking Trail


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