Sips of Happy

It’s official, both of the Finks are back in the states.  David arrived into town yesterday afternoon, bringing with him small treasures from our trip.  I can’t wait to crack open that liter of pumpkin seed oil and hand out those bottles of wine to friends.  We’re slowly adjusting to life at home. We were met with a freezer door that somehow froze over and now we can’t open it, a month’s worth of junk mail to throw away and a DVR full of our favorite shows. To be honest, it’s a bit overwhelming, there’s so much TV to get caught up on.  Do I find out what’s happening with Olivia Pope and Fitz or maybe I should check on Mindy and the gang to see how they’re doing? 

In honor of our return, we enjoyed an American classic, cheeseburgers and fries from one of our favorite burger joints.  Mine tasted just as good as I hoped it would be.   So far, I’ve had Chinese, Mexican, Thai and Burgers.  All that remains on my Foods I Must Eat list is sushi and a steak dinner.

For me, the adjustments has been filled with wonderful times and some moments that I would prefer to forget.  To start with the good stuff, I spent lots of time with my family and close friends over this past weekend.  The younger crowd enjoyed a makeshift tailgate and fantastic seats to watch our team defeat a division rival.

After, we joined the rest of the family to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday, where I got to hold my sweet baby cousin who is absolutely adorable. The baby was so sleepy and was yawning and wiggling in my arms as I held him; so precious. 

My sweet cousin cute!

My sweet cousin yawning…so cute!

I’ve managed to survive my first few days  back in the office.  Let me just say, my first day was awful.  It wasn’t bad because of a certain incident, honestly the day was practically uneventful. What made it so unpleasant was the overall feeling on the floor.  When I swiped my badge and opened the door, it was as if I was hit with a thick cloud of doom and gloom.  Dark clouds of depression hung over everyone as they sat at their desks.  Even though the sentiment has not been outright expressed, you can see the hopelessness in my coworker’s eyes.  Fortunately, each day going forward has been a bit better and I’ve managed to start every day with a  good attitude. 

Despite the ugliness that surrounds me, I commit to doing my best to maintain my Croatian state of mind.  This isn’t my forever or even close to being my everything.  I’ve got an incredible man for that.  This is a blip on my radar that will pass.  My focus will be on the good times, those moments that warm up my heart and remind me that life is still good. Or as I like to call them, sips of happy.

A sip of happy- Enjoying the changing leaves in Atlanta.

A sip of happy- Enjoying the changing leaves in Atlanta.


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